VPN or a Firewall

If your app environment is not publicly available, for example only available in your local network or a private network with a VPN or behind a firewall, you can't run the cloud tests because BugBug will not be able to access your app. You have several potential workarounds though.

Solution A: Publish your app but protect it with a password

Use a tool such as and publish your app publicly at the specific password-protected subdomain with authentication.

Solution B: Add an exception in your firewall/VPN

Let in BugBug based on custom headers or custom user-agent.
  1. 1.
    In the project settings set your custom header to some shared secret value
  2. 2.
    In your VPN/Firewall/Server settings add a rule to allow traffic with headers containing this shared secret
Upcoming feature: we are working on providing a static IP range that would make it easier for you to set up your VPN and allow BugBug based on a specific IP number

Solution C: run tests locally

You can still execute the tests manually on a machine that has access to the app environment. The disadvantage is that you can't schedule tests.
Upcoming feature: we are working on a command line interface that would allow you to run BugBug tests remotely on your own internal development server.