Changing the test screen size

What is a Screen Size option?

The Screen Size option is used to set the screen size for a browser running your tests. Different sizes can render your website differently and you may want to test this or test different views for mobile devices. Where can you set it?

Creating a new test

When you create a new test, we offer two different screen resolution options.

  • Desktop

    As the default window size for your primary web application testing

  • Mobile Optional for small screen testing

You can change the test screen size to mobile or desktop using test settings from the menu.

Changing screen size for desktop and mobile

If you want to change the default screen size, you need to set it in the Project Settings. Each project has its own default screen size. If you want to test other sizes, simply duplicate the project and change the settings from the default. Note: Due the Chrome limitations the minimal value for Screen size is 500

Also, you can use a quick link from the project menu

Easy way to check your screen size for tests

We have added a new column for easy identification of the screen size set for a test.

  • In the list of tests, you will see an icon informing you that the test is set for desktop or mobile.

  • On Runs history there is also info about the screen size

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