About BugBug
Catch' em all with us! BugBug is a smart tool for seamless and really code-less test automation.

The What

BugBug is a modern tool for testers, developers and anyone interested in quick and reliable test automation.
Our tool allows you to record, edit and run reliable end-to-end tests for web applications.
All you need for working end-to-end UI test automation is your brain, BugBug interface and Google Chrome extension!

The Why

  • empowering the testers, no matter how experienced they are
  • no coding skills? No problem here
  • saving time by regression tests automation
  • relieving tester effort for exploration, not repeatable tasks
  • increasing UI tests coverage
  • amazing power feature - test case diagrams to visualize test suites
  • running tests in parallel
BugBug is baked for you with ❀️ by TestRevolution team!
Last modified 1yr ago
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