What is a project?

Projects are a higher level "folder" for your tests, suites and schedules. Learn about it in your first project section of our quick start guide.

Switching projects

To change the project you are currently working on, click the BugBug logo in the top left. This will navigate to the list of projects.

Duplicating a project

If you want to make a copy of a project, click the "three dots" icon and select "Duplicate project".

Important! Project duplication can take several minutes. You will get an email notification when it's done.

Transfer a project to a different organization

You can move projects to another organization. This is helpful when you need to transfer tests to a different account managed by your client or a different department.

Just ask our support and we will do it for you. Send us a link to the project you want to transfer and the link to the target organization. Please note that our support would need to authorize you before the transfer by sending an email with a confirmation request.

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