What are organizations?

Invite people to your organization to collaborate on the tests.

"Organization" is your team's workspace, that shares the following:

You can have unlimited projects in one organization. Everyone in the organization can access all the projects.

Important! Only the organization admin can edit credit card information.

Organization settings

To access Organization settings click the top-right user icon and select "Organization settings"

In the organization settings you are able to:

  • change your organization's name (rename an organization)

  • invite other people to your organization and give them different roles like admin or editor

  • enter your billing data

  • choose or change the subscription plan

  • modify your credit card details (only organization Admin can do this)

  • check your invoices

Creating a new organization

You can create a new organization any time using the top dropdown. Here you can also switch between organizations if you have more than one.

Parallel runs within your organization

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