Tabs & iframes

BugBug fully supports testing in iframes or multiple tabs. This is handled automatically during the recording, but can also be controlled manually. If you work with iframes or multiple tabs, you will notice the "switch context" action.

What is the "Switch Context" action?

When you record something in a different tab or iframe, an additional step will be recorded before the actual action for switching the context to this new frame or a tab.

This defines the context for all the following test steps until you switch the context again to a different frame or a tab.

Locating the right frame

Everything that happens in the browser, happens in a "frame". The first tab you visit during the test is a frame identified as main. If you navigate to different tabs or iframes during the test, they will be identified by:

  • tabIndex

  • selector

If the interaction is not in an iframe, the context should be set to your default tab context: main

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