When you run a test, you will see one of the following statuses:

Test passed

Everything worked as it should

Test failed

The test has not finished because an assertion failed or it was not possible to continue running the test steps and the test finished because of the timeout.

You will get additional error information when this happens and tips on what to do to fix it.

Learn more on how to debug and modify a step.

Test passed but some waiting conditions were skipped

This status is indicated by a green circle that's empty inside.

This is a unique BugBug feature for preventing failed tests. This indicates that the user is able to finish your test, but you can take a look at the reason for skipped waiting conditions just to make sure that your tests are in a good condition.

Test error / crashed

The test encountered an error, which is not a result of the test steps, ex. internal server error, BugBug extension error, etc. This is most likely caused by a bug - please contact us if you see this status often.

Test paused for debugging

You used a breakpoint or paused the test in the middle of execution using "Pause" button

Test stopped

You stopped the test before it finished running, before it reached a conclusion.

Test running

Test is running, execution in progress

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