What is test automation?

Testing doesn't need to be manual

If you manage a website, e-commerce, or web app, every time you add new features you need to go through the whole website and check if everything works as it should.
If you manually click through your app, this is costly:
  • It takes lots of time
  • It's very repetitive
  • It's easy to forget about corner cases
That's why you want to automate it and ask the computer to do it for you!

Automate your repetitive testing

Test automation is the process of creating a set of instructions that are automatically executed in the browser. You just click "Run the test" and the browser simulates user clicks and keyboard typing for you so that you can do a more important job.
There's a challenge to it! Computers are not intelligent and until now required super detailed scripts that required coding skills and dedicated QA engineers to maintain the tests. BugBug's mission is to change it and allow you to create robust automated browser tests without coding.
Automatic tests that simulate user interactions are often End-to-end tests or Functional tests

Effortless test automation with BugBug

BugBug allows you to create your test automation faster and maintain it without the hassle and without coding. And you can start for free!