You can operate BugBug also in Command Line Interface.

3... 2... 1... start! :)

Open your terminal. First of all you need to nodeJS installed in your machine. Then go for npm installation.
Let's see how to set up our CLI:
npm: @testrevolution/bugbug-cli
After you have nodeJS and npm installed simply run:
npm install -g @testrevolution/bugbug-cli
Remember that you need to have admin user permissions on nodeJS execution.

Connect with project

You need to take API token of the project you want to run with CLI. You will find that in BugBug web app in Project settings in General tab:
Then configure CLI with alphanumerical project's API token:

Treat yourself with CLI

In BugBug npm's page you find the available commands. You can also just strike bugbug help to see what you can do and how.
Example: list suites within the connected project:
The most useful option will probably be running tests ;)
To run a particular test via CLI you need to find the ID of the test. It's easy, just go to your test, expand 3 dots and select Run via CLI. Just simply copy the commad for running, open terminal and paste and run. The commad looks as below:
bugbug remote run test TEST_Id
You can run whole suite as well by going to Suites tab, expanding the details and selecting Run via CLI. The command is the same but SUITE_ID is different. That's how we recognize you want to run the whole suite!
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