Install Chrome extension

Why do you need the extension?

To run and record the tests, BugBug requires you to install a BugBug Chrome Extension and enable it in Incognito mode.

Why does the extension require incognito mode?

All your tests should be independent of each other. Every test should begin with a clean session, without any cookies, cache, localStorage, etc. To achieve this BugBug runs the tests in incognito mode. Every time you run the test, the previous incognito session is closed and a new incognito window opens, with a completely clean session.

Install the extension

If you try to run or record the test without the extension you will see a prompt

Enable the extension in incognito mode

If you don't enable the extension in incognito mode, you will ba asked to do so before running a test
  1. 1.
    Go to extension settings by clicking the "Go to extension settings" button or use the link below
2. Scroll down, then enable the switch near "Allow in Incognito"
That's it! You're ready to run and record the tests now.