Manually editing steps

Before you jump into manually editing, make sure you learn how to re-record test steps, as this is a recommended way of updating your tests. It's often much faster to fix the tests by removing the failed steps and recording them again, rather than manually updating step settings.

Manually adding steps

You don't need to use recording, you can also create your tests step by step by adding particular actions and their parameters. You can manually add steps anywhere in your test by clicking the plus symbol between the rows.

Step details panel

Make your manual changes to the tests in the step details sidebar. Here you can see all the parameters for a selected step.

Important! Don't forget to save your changes after editing a step.

When editing the actions don't forget that you can use variables.

Operations on the test steps

  • Duplicate step

  • Run to this place

  • Deactivate step

  • Delete step

Reordering steps

You can also Drag to reorder the steps within the test:

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