Integrate with GitHub to streamline testing into your CI/CD pipeline, providing real-time feedback within your repository. Run tests and suites on BugBug Cloud to ensure that only high-quality, thoroughly tested code is deployed to production environments, reducing the risk of introducing regressions or bugs.

Currently, it is possible to integrate in two ways:

  1. Using official GitHub Action (recommended)

Official GitHub Action

GitHub Actions allows developers to create automated workflows directly within their GitHub repositories. Integrating with BugBug Cloud Runner lets them seamlessly incorporate testing into your CI/CD pipeline to receive instant feedback on test results and quickly identify issues.

Keep in mind that BugBug Cloud Runner is only available on paid plans. More information about pricing can be found here:

To add BugBug action to your workflow:

  1. Go to the "Integrations" page

  2. Find GitHub on the integrations list

  3. Click on the "Manage" button

  4. Continue by clicking on the "Open Github Action" button

  5. Follow the instructions on GitHub Marketplace to add BugBug Cloud Runner to your .yml files

Find your API token by following the instructions provided here.

Discover where to find your suite ID by referring to the information available on this page.

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