Using keyboard shortcuts


To make it easier to work around the recording action, we have added keyboard shortcuts that can be used during test recording. This should make it easier to switch between different options within the BugBug recorder.

Generally, the shortcut number represents the button position for each option.

Possible uses and combinations of keyboard shortcuts

This description and keyboard shortcuts are based on a Windows and Linux operating system.

If you are using a different operating system, please note that you will need to use an appropriate related shortcut, e.g. for MacOS users use i.e. "Control + Option + ${key}".

However, in BugBug Recorder we display shortcuts that are adapted to the system you are working on.

Shortcut combinationFeatureComments

Ctrl + Alt + 1

Add assert

If "Add Assert" mode is enabled and you use the shortcut again, it will be disabled.

Ctrl + Alt + 2

Add hover

As before, using the shortcut again will disable this mode.

Ctrl + Alt + 3


It will show you the "Open Inbox for a special test email address" view with realted options.

Ctrl + Alt + 4


It will show you the "Variables" view with realted options.

Ctrl + Alt + 5

Pause recording

This will bring up the "Pause recording" view with its associated options. While you are in this view, you can alternatively use two other shortcuts: * Ctrl + Alt + 1 to resume recording * Ctrl + Alt + 2 that will finish and close your recording session.

Ctrl + Alt + 6

Finish and close

It will end and close your recording session.

Workflow tips

Some of the shortcuts are also available in the BugBug Runner view, so you can use them there as well.


  • Ctrl + Alt + 1 to start recording additional steps

  • Ctrl + Alt + 2 to finish the test and close the window

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