Create your first project

What is a project?

  • Use projects to organize your tests and suites

  • Each project has separate independent project settings

  • Everyone in your organization can access all projects

How to name a project? Usually, project name is the same as the name of the app or a website that you want to test. For example if you want to test the ticket reservation system of name your project "Example Airlines"

How many projects should I have? If you work on one product only, you probably only need one project. Add more projects if you work for several clients, different products or very complex products that require splitting for multiple setups.

Create a new project

  1. Click the BugBug logo in the top-left to see the list of projects

  2. Click New Project button.

  3. Enter the name of a new project. Usually, this is just the name of your product brand.

  4. Enter the URL of the product you are about to test.

  5. Submit by clicking the Create project button.

Check out the Example Project

You can also learn about BugBug features by exploring the Example Project, that is immediately available after you register your new account.

The example project shows a couple of simple tests on a fake registration page. After you see these simple examples, learn more about testing registration & login with variables.

Where is the example project?

  1. Click the BugBug logo to see the list of projects

  2. Click Example Project

  3. You can see or modify existing test cases or start your own test

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