Why add assertions?

Use assertions to observe if everything works as it should.

An assertion is a check that does not interact with your page, for example, you can check if your page shows a specific text without clicking anything.

Here you can read about how to record assertions for a test.

Types of assertions

By default, BugBug records two types of assertions:

  1. Element is visible

  2. Element has text

which you can edit later in your recorded test details view, and switch between a wider list of available ones, such as:

Select one of the following assertion types.

We are regularly adding more assertion types to this list - please contact us if you need a new assertion type.

Editing assertions

By default, BugBug records assertions that are best suited to what you are looking for. But you can also create advanced assertions, such as checking if a number is greater than a certain value. Select options from the drop-down menu to perform a more thorough check of your test case.

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