Why add assertions?

Use assertions to observe if everything works as it should.
An assertion is a check that does not interact with your page, for example, you can check if your page shows a specific text without clicking anything.

Types of assertions

Choose from one of the following types of assertions. We are regularly adding more types of assertions to this list - please contact us if you need to have a new type of assertion.
Type of assertion
What happens
Element is visible
BugBug checks if the element is actually visible on the screen, if the element is not covered or scrolled outside of the viewport
Element has text
BugBug checks if the element is visible, but also checks if it has a specific text
Form field has value
BugBug checks if any form input has a specific value, for example, you can check if your radio buttons group is selected to "No" after the user clicks "No" button
Custom JavaScript
Run any JS function and if it returns true, the assertion is passed - learn more in custom javascript actions