Parallel runs
You can set parallel tests execution to save some time!

Why run tests in parallel?

You can run your tests in the cloud in parallel, which means that more than one test will be executed at the same time. Multiple tests will run simultaneously, resulting in up to 8x shorter testing time.
You can have up to 8 parallel runs, depending on your subscription plan - see pricing.

Enable parallel runs

  1. 1.
    Go to Suites view
  2. 2.
    Edit or create a suite
  3. 3.
    Change the option for Paraller cloud runs
When you trigger suite to run, your tests in that suite will run in parallel.
Parallel testing is only possible when tests are run in the cloud
Suites run in your local browser will always run sequentially because your browser cookies and storage are shared among all incognito windows, so only one test can be run at a time. All cloud runs can be performed in parallel, regardless of whether they are manually triggered or initiated via API.