Manage Subscriptions

Manage your BugBug subscriptions and stay up to date with the latest BugBug versions.

To upgrade or downgrade your plan, click the top-right user icon and go to Organization Settings, then to the Subscriptions tab. Learn more about different versions of premium features

Upgrading or downgrading your plan

When your test base grows, it can be useful to upgrade your BugBug plan. Here how to do that:

  1. Go to BugBug app home view, click your account dropdown on the right top corner and then choose Organization settings

  2. Choose Subscription item

  3. Select the plan you need

  4. Fill the billing address form and payment details

  5. Finish payment process with Stripe vendor

  6. See confirmation of your upgraded plan

Closing your account or organization

If you wish to close and remove your account completely, please contact BugBug support.

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