When you manually add steps, first you need to choose a type of step. There are 2 basic types of steps:

Action types available for a step

Mouse events
  • Click
  • Double click
  • Hover (mouseover)
  • Scroll
  • Press mouse button (mouseDown)
  • Release mouse button (mouseUp)
Input actions
  • Type text
  • Select option
  • Clear input
  • Change value
  • Upload file
Window actions
  • Go to URL
  • New tab
  • Close tab
Advanced actions
Alerts and prompts
When you run a test, BugBug automatically accepts all the browser alerts initiated by alert(), confirm()or prompt(). You don't need to add any special action to confirm such prompts. This also means that you can't create tests that explicitly reject such prompts. If you need to find a workaround for this limitation, please contact us.
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