When you manually add steps, first you need to choose a type of step. There are 2 basic types of steps:

Action types available for a step

  • Click

  • Double click

  • Right click

  • Hover (mouseover)

  • Scroll

  • Press mouse button (mouseDown)

  • Release mouse button (mouseUp)

  • Drag&Drop (BETA)

  • Type text

  • Select option

  • Clear input

  • Change value

  • Upload file

Window actions

  • Go to URL

  • New tab

  • Close tab

  • Reload page

Advanced actions

Actions - detailed descriptions & tips

Mouse actions - details

Input actions - details

Advanced actions - details

Set variable

This action can be used to store local variables from tested sources. You can use a selector to find a text value on the tested web application. Now you can store any text value from the tested web page in a variable and use it in feature steps. For example, to find out newly registered unique users in your CRM. This variable is also cross-domain.

For more detailed information check out "Variables during recording".

Answer a prompt

Accept or decline browser alerts initiated by alert(), confirm()or provide a custom text answer for a browser prompt().

This action is automatically recorded and most of the time you don't need to edit it manually.

  • To confirm the window prompt enter true in the answer field.

  • To reject enter false.

  • For prompt() questions, enter a custom text that should be provided as an answer

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