Grouping steps

Why group your steps?

If you work on a large amount of test cases and complex user flows, you need to organize your tests and keep your project nice and tidy.

Use "step groups" to make sure you can easily navigate in large projects. Most importantly you need to use groups to use components.

Important! All steps are always inside a group In BugBug all your steps are always in some kind of a group. By default when you record a test, all your steps will be in just one "Unnamed group" that you can later split into more groups.

Creating a group

The most productive way is to use "Split group here" action.

  1. Move your mouse between the step rows

  2. Click the "plus" icon

  3. Click "Split here"

  4. Name the group

Result: you will get 2 new groups. The first one keeps the old name. You can immediately rename the new group.

You can have multiple groups in one test. Each group can be converted to components - reusable test steps that allow you to edit multiple tests at once.

Renaming a group

Click the name of the group - that's it, you can edit the name. No need to click "Save" button.

Groups vs. components

Groups are just organizing your test steps. They become powerful when you convert them to components - a group of steps that is shared across multiple tests.

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