Project settings

Project settings contain various global parameters and configurations for all your tests and suites.

What can you do in the project settings?

General tab:

  • Change project name

  • Change timezone

  • Set the default timeout for local and cloud runs - this can help you to solve a situation when cloud tests are sometimes failing

  • Decide if you want to close the window after a successful test run automatically

Browser tab:

  • Enable/disable incognito mode for testing sessions, cookies, or local storage

  • Set a custom user-agent or custom HTTP request headers (for example, you can use it to let BugBug access an environment behind a VPN or a firewall)

  • Set browser language

Screen size tab:

Selectors tab:

  • Set and define the priorities for the automatic smart selectors, and define your own custom attributes, input names, text content, id, href, class name, etc.

Waiting conditions tab:

Note: If you're looking for an API token see the integrations tab

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