Start with your first test

You have logged in to BugBug and ... let's take a ride!

To create your first test you have such options:

  • use already existing example project

  • create new project:

    • record test

    • manually create steps

    • make it blended: record & create steps

Use Example Project for test

Let's play with existing Example Project :)

  1. Click BugBug logo to assure you are in BugBug app homepage

  2. Click Example Project tile. You will see the example test cases in Example project.

  3. You can see or modify existing test cases or start your own test.

Create new project and test

  1. Click BugBug logo to assure you are in BugBug app homepage.

  2. Click New Project icon, write name of new project and homepage URL, and then click Create project button

  3. You are in new project space with no test cases. Click Create new test button

  4. Write name of new test, click Create test button

  5. Here you are! Now it's your choice - to record or to manually create the steps or to make it up your own blend πŸŽ‰

For instructions about recording and browser configuration go to the page about Recording the tests