By default, BugBug is sending email notifications about scheduled runs to all members of your organization. This makes sure that as soon as your app is not working as it should you will get an email alert.
You can change this in the project settings and choose:
  • when people get notifications
  • who will receive them
You can also send additional notifications to email addresses who are not members of your organization, for example clients or colleagues.
Notification settings are configured per project, each project has independent settings.

Choose when people get email notifications

Decide when to get notifications:
  • Passed and failed schedules - people will get emails after each successful or failed scheduled suite run
  • Failed schedules only - turn off notifications for passed tests, people will only get an email if the scheduled run failed
  • Disabled - turn off notifications for schedules, nobody will receive notifications about scheduled runs

Choose who gets email notifications of scheduled tests

Manage notifications if your organization has multiple users but most of them work on separate projects - you don't want everyone to get emails for all the projects. To turn off notifications for some people:
  1. 1.
    Go to Project Settings > Notifications
  2. 2.
    In the select dropdown menu pick "Selected people"
  3. 3.
    Disable notifications for chosen people
Note: if "selected people" is set and later you invite new people to your organization, they will not receive notifications unless you explicitly turn them on for a certain project.

Additional email addresses for notifications

You can also send notifications to other people, who are not members of your organization. For example:
  • notify your clients about their app status without granting them access to the whole project
  • notify other teams who don't want to sign up for BugBug but still want to be notified when something is not working as it should
You can enter several additional email addresses, separated by a comma.