Microsoft Teams

How to integrate test automation with Microsoft Teams?

BugBug’s integration for Microsoft Teams is designed to elevate your testing and issue management to a whole new level.

Stay informed about:

  • failed test runs

  • schedule suites results

  • unexpected errors

  • ...and many more.

Creating a Teams message alert

If you use Teams on a daily basis, need real-time updates, and want to set it up as seamlessly as possible, this is the easiest way to go.

Keep in mind that Teams integration is only available on paid plans. So any related features, such as Teams alerts, will not be available on the free plan.

More information about pricing can be found here:

Connect your Teams channel with BugBug

Before you can create a new Teams Alert, you need to provide access to your Teams channel. To do this:

  1. Go to the "Integrations" page

  2. Find Teams on the integrations list

  3. Click on the "Manage" button

  4. Continue by clicking on the "Open Teams Marketplace" button

BugBug only needs information about available channels and permission to send messages to them.

More information about our privacy policy can be found here:

After the last step, you will be automatically redirected to the "BugBug Teams App" details modal in your Microsoft Teams organization.

Setup BugBug's Teams App

Since this view you have to follow common Teams app setup:

  1. Click "Add to team" button

  2. Choose a team channel, which should receive message from BugBug

  3. Click "Set up a connect" to save your selection and proceed to configuration.

As a result, you should see first configuration step. Just click on "Login" button and continue a process in new popup window. If you already have a pending BugBug's user session the popup will close automatically.

After that procedure, new extra configuration steps will appear.

In that view you have to:

  1. Choose a project to connect with.

  2. Submit your configuration by clicking on "Save" button.

  3. Due to Microsoft Teams limitations, you have to back to BugBug manually. After that, you will see view of successfully finished integration process.

Create a Teams message alert

On this page, you can click the "Send a Teams message alert" link. This takes you to the "New Alert" view, where you can configure your first Slack message alert, eg. the message type or recipient.

If you don't know how to set up Alerts, you can read more about how to do it here.

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