Running the tests

You can run tests manually or set up the tests and suites to run automatically.

You can run tests in BugBug:

  • manually

  • automatically with Schedules feature (see subsection Schedules)

How to run a test manually

  1. Go to a project and to test case view

  2. Click Run button

  3. See the incognito Chrome browser opening and the test running

  4. in the end you get the test result in BugBug test case view - passed or failed with error pointed

See that when you click option "Close all windows", then literally ALL the incognito Chrome windows will be closed on your end.

Test passed

Just green and happy :)

Test failed

Of course it happens that test run will fail from various reasons (internet connection fail, the web app specifics misled object recognition etc.) and you need to debug and modify a step.

Example of failed test:

You can always modify step parameters, reorganize steps or add waiting condition to the step in order to "fix" the test.