Make component

That's great feature which saves your time when developing your tests in within one project!

Make component

Components are groups of steps that are shared across multiple tests.

That option works in global scope - when you edit a component you change all related tests at once.

So once you MAKE COMPONENT out of a group of steps - you can summon them with one action. But when you change something inside that group - it will be changed in all tests where you used that group.

Firstly you need to have a step or few which are repeatable and useful in many tests - so they are a great candidate for component. For example steps to log in.

To create a component go to test view and choose the group of steps which will become your one component. Then click MAKE COMPONENTon their group name:

Insert existing component

You can also add existing component to the test. That can be the new one or existing one:

New group

The other way to structure your test in more easy-going way is to create a group out of steps. That does not need to be component (which has global scope), just a group of steps for that particular test:

Whenever you need, you can MAKE COMPONENT from a group.