Diagrams of test cases and steps

Diagrams help to visualize the groups and components structures.

About diagrams

Take a look on project view (Tests view or Suites view) - there you can explore and play with diagrams.

Diagram is kind of list of all components and groups of steps you have in a project.

You can:

  • drag and drop elements

  • zoom in and out the diagram view

  • rename elements

  • start test from an element (New test from here)

  • delete element

  • Make component from element

Diagram presents both components and groups of steps used in a project - components are in purple background.

Diagram shows connections to all groups where a component is used within a project- when you would like to delete it, then you will see in how many places it will be missing.

By hovering over an element you can see in which test cases it is used - test cases get highlighted.

New test from here

Diagram view is a nice place to start new test case!

Just click on diagram element and use New test from here option and work on your new test case having some time saved: