Editing tests

You have many possibilities to adjust your tests to achieve what you need!

Go to a project and enter a test case. Here you can edit the test steps and structure.

Editing a particular step of a test

Each one step of your test can be adjusted.

Action types available for a step

  • assert

  • change

  • clear

  • click

  • execute(JavaScript code)

  • goto

  • hover

  • mouseDown

  • mouseUp

  • newTab

  • closeTab

  • switchContext

  • scroll

  • type

For each of those actions you can set additional parameters:

  • the ones varying per action type (e.g. add Basic authorization data for goto)

  • Waiting Conditions:

    • Global

    • Additional (custom to be added by you)

  • Delay & Timeout conditions:

    • Delay / Sleep

    • Running Timeout

Editing the test

There are various ways to edit your test.

Reorganising the test steps

Operations on steps you can do within the test:

  • Duplicate step

  • Set breakpoint

  • Run to this place

  • Deactivate step

  • Delete step

You can also Drag to reorder the steps within the test: